Welcome to Harn

Chaos Trail is the fantasy Play–by–Mail / Play–by–Email roleplaying game based in the world of Aona, centred around the mysterious magiocracy of Harn.

It's easy to play and even easier to become engrossed in- Chaos Trail is all about the stories and characters within the game, and isn't tied down with complex rules, making it possible for players and their characters to get quickly involved and in the thick of things.

Chaos Trail has been going in various forms since 1993 and originated from a tabletop RPG campaign that ran from 1991 to 1993. These days, Chaos Trail is set in the world of Aona, created by fantasy author Simon Williams. You can check out his site here. There are also a series of novels set within the same world- the first one has been published and can be previewed and bought here.

Probably best described as dark fantasy with futuristic and gothic elements, the sheer longevity of Chaos Trail has allowed it to evolve over the years into a rich and varied tapestry of history, geography, cultures and societies.